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Christopher Smith

CHRISTOPHER SMITH- English Native Speaker-The Key Language School 

“Results, results, results”……. That’s all I here from the parents of the children I teach. Ah results you want. Well how about, one of my students came sixth in the whole country for “Olimpusek” or another got 98% in their English gimnazjum 3 exam or most of my students have gone from an average ocena 3 to 5 and a couple have got 100% on their end on year English exams. Yes results like that, that’s what we want. How did you get those kind of results? What methods did you use? Well, I have one goal when I teach English and one method. And that is “I must have fun!” Wait! But you’re the teacher….. Strange as it may sound it is the truth. How can you expect the children to be motivated to learn if you’re not making it fun? How can you expect children to be interested in the lesson, if you’re not making it enjoyable?


How can you expect children to put in the effort to learn, if you’re not putting in any effort to make the topic interesting? It would be so much easier for me to teach as per the “Teachers Book” step 1. Do this, step 2. Get child A to say “Hello” but how boring is that! I would hate teaching it and more importantly the children would hate learning it!


So in every lesson I give 100%. I sing at the top of my voice, every new word the student learns you have to praise, praise and then praise some more, every story you read you have to show how totally amazed you were at the ending. Children feed off of the energy and positivity that a teacher brings into the classroom. If you want to have positive motivated students then you have to have a positive motivated teacher!


The children that I teach continually and truly amaze me. They have an inert ability to absorb foreign languages like a sponge. I read unit descriptions and vocabulary and think to myself, I’m not sure if they can do this. But after 5 minutes the children understand and are able to use the language in the correct context and give appropriate examples of the language and tell me that its way too easy “let’s do something else” they say or “move on”.


Now about me. I’m from Greenwich in south east London a beautiful part of London and actually the centre of the world. No really! Its true Greenwich is 0’0- 0’0 on maps it’s also where the world gets its time from GMT. In England my work experience was based around management working for large multinational corporations. I studied “Masters of business administration” at Cardiff University to compliment my career and actually working in management with a large group of employees is not too different from working in Kindergartens or with young children. So how did I move from management in Greater London to Poland? Well I never really felt comfortable in the corporate world, I never felt fulfilled, I never felt my job made a difference. So when I met my wife and she said lets go to live in Poland I said O.k. I studied the C.E.L.T.A in 2011 and we arrived in October with a 2 month old son Oliver. So I’ve been teaching English for the past four years and the rest as they say is history.